Reiki, Circle and Simplicity

The 38th Annual Gathering of The Reiki Alliance will take place from April 29th to May 6th 2020 in Uruguay.

The South American Conference will be held in a space of reconnection to very essential parts of our practice of Reiki, the Simplicity and the Circle, a place to share our mastery, our diversity, our dreams and to celebrate each day with music and the ocean as a witness.

We will sit together in our circle of masters, in this land of immigrants sailing by ancient paths, honoring our traditions and our lineage.

As Plinio says in his song: “being in myself is peace”, we could add to those words “when we are together we are at home”. Being together in a simple way, dancing, singing, eating, sharing Reiki; practicing these ancient exercises of the oral tradition: be in a circle and tell stories.

We ask all participants to bring a short poem by a poet from their own country so that these can be read every day to open each space.

We are looking forward to the South American Conference 2020!

Lidia Raggi, Plinio Cutait, Maria de la Luz Díaz, Beatriz Ferrari, Haydée Acosta, Rosa Silva and Sylvia Valls
South American Conference Team


The conference fee for members in a single room is USD 840, the conference fee per person for members in a double room is USD 740. Non-members pay an additional fee of USD 250. The conference fee includes lodging and meals from Wednesday evening April 29th to breakfast on Wednesday May 6th, 2020.

Check-in at the venue is from 12 noon; check-out is 10:00 am. Conference registration and check-in is from 13:30 pm on April 29th. The opening ceremony is at 18:00 pm with dinner to follow.

If you need special assistance or have mobility issues, please advise us at the time of registration so that we can do our best to meet your needs.


Hotel Argentino de Piriápolis
Rambla de los Argentinos, 20200 Piriápolis, Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay

Extended stay

Will you require extra nights before or after the conference? The Argentino hotel offers a 10% discount on their regular prices.
Single room: USD 83. Double room: USD 138 (USD 69 per person).
These bookings must be made by the participants directly with the venue. or +598 443 22791


There are two bus enterprises from the airport in Montevideo, they are COPSA and COT. Only COT has office in the airport in the section arrivals, the office is open from Monday to Monday from 7 o’clock in the morning till 17.30 in the afternoon. You can buy tickets here, or make a reservation online:  (In Spanish only).
Tickets for COPSA can be bought online:  
There is the schedule. You can buy the tickets 2 hours before the departure from Montediveo. 
The price for one-way ticket is USD 6.20
Frequency of the buses in low season: COT =10 per day, COPSA =13 per day.

From Carrasco Airport to Argentino Hotel = USD 160
Tel: +598 2604 0323 Whatsapp: +59892 370 143

SURIVANS: +598 98485 990
Van 3 passengers: USD 150
Van 8 passengers: USD 200
Van 15 passengers: USD 250
Vans in Montevideo from and to the airport: USD 38


The local currency is the Uruguayan peso. One dollar is around 38 pesos (December 2019). In the hotel everything can be paid in dollars. Everywhere else you can use your credit card, including in buses if you buy the ticket in the terminal. There are also taxis that accept credit cards. You can exchange any money in Uruguayan pesos.

Day tours

To avoid disappointment we recommend that tours are booked at registration.
Choose one tour only. 

Trip 1: Punta del Este (6 hours)
Punta del Este is one of the most exclusive beaches of Latin America, where luxury and nature converge. The Casapueblo Museum has a beautiful construction over the sea.
USD 20 

Trip 2: Piriápolis (4 hours)
Piriápolis located between the sea and the hills, founded by Francisco Piria in 1890.
USD 10

Trip 3: Montevideo (9.30 – 18.00 hrs)
Montevideo, Capital City of Uruguay
USD 40 


To find out if you need a visa, please click here. 

Uruguayan weather

It is autumn, the average temperatures are between 23 °C during the day and 13 °C at night. Remember that we will be in front of the ocean. The hotel has thermal swimming pool inside and outside. Bring your swimming suit!

Virtual participation

The maximum number of virtual participants has been reached. Members can register for the waiting list.

Virtual Participants are asked to register in the same manner as those coming in person. To participate in this way you need to have a computer with a microphone and a webcam as well as reasonably good internet connection. You will be expected to attend all sessions of the conference, excluding Reiki exchanges. Virtual participation is possible for members only and limited to 16 persons. The fee for virtual participation is USD 250 per person.

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