Rejoining TRA

Protocol on how a former member can rejoin The Reiki Alliance

a) To be reinstated as a member within 3 years after resignation or dropping, a former member has to contact the Membership Team (applications(at) The former member will receive an invoice for the annual dues plus US$50 extra for administration costs. After they paid the invoice, they will be added to the list of active members again.

If someone has been dropped and the membership lapsed for not paying dues, the reinstatement fee of US$50 will release them from their unpaid/previous dues.

b) Resigned or dropped members, who want to be re-instated after 3 years, have to contact the Membership Team (applications(at) They will be asked to submit a full application and a reinstatement fee of US$50 will be imposed. The former member is invited to go through a reinstatement interview with one of the Membership Assistant Coordinators (MAC).

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