Conference 2020: Reiki, Circle and Simplicity

The 38th Annual Gathering of The Reiki Alliance will take place from April 29th to May 6th 2020 in Uruguay.

The South American Conference will be held in a space of reconnection to very essential parts of our practice of Reiki, the Simplicity and the Circle, a place to share our mastery, our diversity, our dreams and to celebrate each day with music and the ocean as a witness.

We will sit together in our circle of masters, in this land of immigrants sailing by ancient paths, honoring our traditions and our lineage.

As Plinio says in his song: “being in myself is peace”, we could add to those words “when we are together we are at home”. Being together in a simple way, dancing, singing, eating, sharing Reiki; practicing these ancient exercises of the oral tradition: be in a circle and tell stories.

We ask all participants to bring a short poem by a poet from their own country so that these can be read every day to open each space.

We are looking forward to the South American Conference 2020!

Lidia Raggi, Plinio Cutait, Maria de la Luz Díaz, Beatriz Ferrari, Haydée Acosta, Rosa Silva and Sylvia Valls
South American Conference Team