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First & Second Degree Classes in Lexington KY

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First Degree & Second Degree Reiki Classes in Lexington, Kentucky


Dates are flexible according to your schedule and mine !!   


The exact  location of the class will be provided when you contact me. I offer small class sizes so there is plenty of time for hands-on learning, questions & answers, and practice. This First Degree class will be for a total of 12 hours.


Learn the traditional way of practicing Reiki. I teach the class the way Mrs. Hawayo Takata learned and taught it. ... Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho. In this first degree class the following things are taught:


-the history of Reiki

-the Five (5) Precepts which are the foundation of the practice

-how to give yourself a Reiki treatment

-giving Reiki treatments to others (even children), animals, plants

-treating specific conditions (which some teachers do not include)

-receive a manual and Reiki certificate

-many more things



Note: First & Second Degree classes are best taught with time in between them so you can practice and become comfortable with Reiki.  After you take the First Degree class, then the Second Degree class is taught when you feel ready to learn more.  This class focuses on increasing your ability to give Reiki treatments, learning how to send Absentee or Distant Reiki treatments, and treating Mental/Emotional Conditions (eg:  breaking bad habits, anxiety, depression). 


** Check my web site for details about my classes and myself.

Email me with subject line “Reiki class in Lexington, Ky”.  

My email address is:  ecrystal3@aol.com     

Web site: http://www.elaynelivingwithreiki.com


Elayne R. Crystal
Reiki Master & Practitioner

Cell: 859 227-1071


Elayne R. Crystal
Reiki Master/teacher

(859) 227-1071
Email: ecrystal3@aol.com

Usui Reiki Ryoho

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