2019-05-08  Europe - Netherlands

Events with Rick Bockner in the Netherlands

From: 2019-05-08 To: 2019-05-12
Open To: Reiki Practitioner - All levels  Language: English
Created By: Karin Tjaberings

Location: Retraitehuisweg 6 7625 SL Zenderen, Overijssel, Netherlands, Europe

Rick Bockner in The Netherlands 8-12 May 2019 Zenderen
Rick Bockner -Takata Master- will be in the Netherlands for a number of events all hosted in the beautiful retreat house “De Zwanenhof” in Zenderen.
8 – 11 May: Workshop “There is something about generations – an exploration” This is a three day workshop facilitated by Rick and Karin Tjaberings, a next generation Master. There is something about generations that touches all of us and Rick and Karin invite you to explore this theme with them. It is a great chance to be and work together as generations.
Saturday 11 May: Teaching Day with Rick Rick is also inviting you to join him for a day of Reiki, teaching, dialogue, food and music. It will be a conversation and teaching about the lessons learned from his 40 years of Reiki practice.
Sunday 12 May: Concert in the Chapel There will be music! Rick will give a concert in the chapel on the Sunday afternoon. You don’t need to be a Reiki student to enjoy Rick’s unique blend of traditional and original music so invite your friends, family and all other lovers of music.   The events can be booked separately, you can make a combination or join us for all events and book the full package. For the full information and to register follow the link: https://tjaberingscentrum.nl/reiki-events-with-rick-bockner/
We hope to see you in May,

Love, Rick and Karin

Karin Tjaberings - info@tjaberingscentrum.nl

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