2018-07-27  America - Canada

Vancouver Reiki & Medicine Intensive

From: 2018-07-27 To: 2018-07-29
Open To: Reiki Practitioner - All levels  Language: English
Created By: Pamela Miles

Location: Address in Vancouver provided after registration, British Columbia, Canada, America

The Reiki & Medicine Intensive is a deep dive into spiritual pratice, traditional healing and conventional medicine. The focus is on Reiki practice, yet much of what is discussed is applicable to all traditional spiritual healing practices. As a pioneer bringing Reiki practice to the mainstream public and conventional health care since the 1990s, I share what I've learned from partnering with medical professionals and researchers about the place of Reiki practice in medicine and how to communicate the value of Reiki in a way that is effective, evidence-based, and true to Reiki as a spiritual practice. Reiki practitioners not interested in healthcare collaboration will benefit by making more informed personal healthcare choices. Reiki professionals find being able to communicate Reiki to meet the credibility threshold needed in medicine means they become more effective Reiki communicators to everyone, which helps grow their business so they can help more people. https://reikiinmedicine.org/vancouver-reiki-medicine-intensive/



Pamela Miles

Usui Reiki Ryoho

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