2018-03-30  Europe - Netherlands

Healing the Family Tree - Reikicentrum Zijn, Den Haag, the Netherlands

From: 2018-03-30 To: 2018-05-13
Open To: Second Degree  Language: English
Created By: Rebecca Bredenhof

Location: Johannes Camphuysstraat 150-152 2593 CT DEN HAAG, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, Europe

Healing the Family Tree with Reiki (HFT) has been developed for many years by Reikimaster Marta Getty. The distance treatments of the Reiki second degree are the sacred tool of this program. Time and space are bridged and healing takes place far in the past. Wondrous dreams, sudden remembering, conversations with family members you never thought would happen or a clear change in the attitude to life, are all possible results, bringing the past to the future. For those who hear the calling of the deeper awareness of humanity, this is a opportunity to join the natural, inner movements of experiencing the wholeness of the self and family. 

This work is about deep recognition, for yourself and your roots.

Every human being carries the inheritance of former generations on all levels in his or her cells. Not only physical characteristics, but also feelings, illnesses, life's events and spiritual and social convictions. In every generation there will be something unfinished or unknown and that can continue generation after generation. Until someone gets the idea that some deep healing work is needed; you can learn how to let go of the parts of the wounded past that are in your cells!
The workshop Healing the Family Tree with Reiki (HFT) consists of two weekends. You learn how you can use the process of HFT for your personal healing. In the six weeks in between you work at distance with one of the group members on a daily basis and Rebecca supports the process via email, phone or Skype.
During the six weeks in between you do three distance treatments each day, for 20 minutes each. To keep providing your cells with new healing energy, the self-treatment is even more important during this period. HFT is profoundly personal work and also a new deepening in your Reiki practice.

Times: Fridays from 7.30pm until 10.00pm, 

Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30am until about 6.00pm 
Investment: € 800,- (two weekends and six weeks of supervision)

vrijdag 30 maart t/m zondag 1 april plus vrijdagavond 11 t/m zondagmiddag 13 mei 2018 ask for a registration form.
Location: Reikicentrum Zijn, The Hague, The Netherlands 
Language: Dutch (Dutch-English translation is possible) 

Rebecca Bredenhof has been a Reikimaster in Usui Shiki Ryoho since 1996. In 2007, she was full of anticipation when she started with HFT for deep healing of her family tree. Enthusiastic about the result she decided to become a teacher of HFT. For a period of five years which ended in 2012, Marta taught her this beautiful work. Rebecca is the first teacher HFT who is trained by Marta Getty. In the past years Marta has brought HFT to Australia, Europe and the USA.

Reikicentrum Zijn
Rebecca Bredenhof

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