2017-06-10  Europe - United Kingdom

Preparing for Public Practice

From: 2017-06-10 To: 2017-04-11
Open To: Second Degree  Language: English
Created By: Tripuri Dunne

Location: Venue: 12 Rosenau Rd London SW11 4QN nearest tube South Kensington , England, United Kingdom, Europe

Students of all levels are welcome, although the workshop  is primarily designed to facilitate students who are preparing for, or who are in public practice. We will be working on the UK Reiki Council's Core Curriculum which upholds the National Occupational Standards and prepares the student for the verification process and registration with the CNHC. Working in conjunction with our host Georgina Hood I aim to offer an enjoyable day looking at some of the issues that may come up for practitioners working in clinics, hospices or care centres. I have over 25 years experience in public practice and will share some of the highs and a few of the obstacles encountered.



Contact Tripuri:
+44 (0)1373299732 or +44 (0)7974643888
Contact Georgina: georgina@georginahoodreiki.com

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