2018-05-01  America - Canada

The Canadian Conference – Embracing our Diversity

From: 2018-05-01 To: 2018-05-08

Location: Fern Resort, Orillia, Ontario, Canada www.fernresort.com, Canada, America

Canadian Conference 2018

Embracing our Diversity

May 1-8, 2018

There are many reasons people decide to attend TRA conferences:

  • to see treasured friends,
  • to be a part of an eclectic community,
  •  to provide leadership
  • to absorb shared Reiki energy

There are many reasons individuals decide not to attend:

  • Finances
  • The community argues
  • Travel is scary
  • Joined only for professional credibility

The conference team may be prejudiced but we think there are some fabulous reasons for you to consider coming to Fern Resort www.fernresort.com

  • Explore our theme of Embracing our Diversity  and how you can live it
  • Fern’s classic butter tart drizzled with chocolate sauce.
  • Phyllis, Paul, Rick and Marta are all planning to attend.
  • By law discussions about potential changes promise to be rich
  • A full day of training

We anticipate registration to be open by the end of November to first part of December.

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