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1st degree class in Lexington KY

From: 2018-08-16 To: 2018-08-17
Open To: General Public  Language: English
Created By: Elayne Rae Crystal

Location: Will send you details when you sign up for the class. , Kentucky, United States of America, America

We are having a First degree Reiki class on Thursday Aug 16 and Friday Aug 17th during the day. 

 I offer small class sizes so there is plenty of time for hands-on learning, questions & answers, and practice. This First Degree class will be for a total of 12 hours.


Learn the traditional way of practicing Reiki. I teach the class the way Mrs. Hawayo Takata learned and taught it in the system called Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho. In this first degree class includes:


-the history of Reiki

-the Five (5) Precepts which are the foundation of the practice

-how to give yourself a Reiki treatment

-giving Reiki treatments to others (even children), animals, plants

-treating specific conditions (which some teachers do not include)

-receive a manual and Reiki certificate

-many more things



** Check my web site for details about my classes and myself.

Email me with subject line “Reiki class in Lexington, Ky”.  

My email address is:  ecrystal3@aol.com     

Web site: http://www.elaynelivingwithreiki.com


Elayne R. Crystal
Phone: 859 227-1071

Usui Reiki Ryoho

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