2017-04-21  Europa - Niederlande

Finding my Place in the World of Reiki

Von: 2017-04-21 Bis: 2017-04-23
Offen für: Reiki Praktizierende - alle Ebenen  Sprache: English
Kreiert von: Laurence Fontaine

Ort: De Zwanenhof, 7625 SL Zenderen, Nederland, Drenthe, Niederlande, Europa

"Finding my place in the world of Reiki"


Many of us have shared the sense of “coming home” in our experience of Reiki and are now actively seeking a sense of deep stillness, vitality and trust, in a world that is moving beyond what we know. 

How can we cultivate the essential qualities of feeling at home and relaxed in our body, in our lives and the world at large? We can foster experiences where we feel held, safe and nurtured by a deep sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves.

This is a dynamic state that interlaces the needs of individuals with the reality of the world we live in. As we explore and courageously reconsider the truths we hold, we can surrender to the mystery of this time and contribute to create a better world.

This workshop is dedicated to finding key elements of this dynamic and systemic reality, using Constellations to identify and transform restrictive patterns and outdated agreements that no longer serve the participants, empowering them to make changes and blossom in their own lives. We will explore a sense of home in the somatic world of the body and the spiritual nature of Reiki, discovering together our place in the Spiritual Practice many of us call Home.



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